Although there are a wide array of medications available to help veterinarians provide for the animals they treat, the available medications are not always exactly what is needed. Sometimes, a medication is not available in a specific dose or in the right combination. Just like in the medical treatment of humans, there is sometimes a need for pharmaceutical compounding in the course of treating animals in a veterinarian care office. With this information, individuals will have an easier time “Understanding Veterinary Compounding”.

What Is Veterinary Compounding?

Veterinary compounding is a process that manipulates an FDA approved drug for a patient. This might involve the mixing of two injectable medications, creating an oral solution from a pill medication, or changing the strength of a medication to better meet the needs of a patient.

Veterinarians rely on compounding facilities to meet the needs of their patients. Often, these animal patients have special medical needs that cannot be met by the pharmaceutical drugs that are currently available. The following are the most important benefits of using veterinary compounding.

  • Veterinary compounding creates medication compounds that would not have been available to the patient otherwise.
  • Veterinary compounding offers the ability to provide a medication that will be safer for an animal’s unique health needs.
  • Veterinary compounding provides alternative methods of medicating an animal so animals of all types and with all needs can be properly treated.

Bova Is Taking the Reigns in Veterinary Compounding

Bova Compounding offers veterinary compounding services to help veterinarians meet the unique needs of the animals they serve. Each day, they take care of around 200 different compounding orders, providing important medications for dogs, cats, horses, and even zoo animals.

At this compounding facility, small doses can be made for single animals or batches can be created to help a wide variety of animals. The goal of the team is to provide superior compounding services for veterinarians so they can help pet owners protect the lives of their beloved pets.

Veterinarians in need of these compounding services are urged to contact Nick Bova right away. He and his team are dedicated to helping provide the highest level of service to all of their customers.